A blockchain-based video gaming platform? Yes, please!

The decentralization factor of the blockchain technology is almost too alluring. It has moved leaps and bounds ahead of everyone’s wildest imagination. One of its by-products, as one could call it, is the rise in crypto-currency based ICOs that claim to reinvigorate a category. Mostly, though, such promises turn out to be nothing more than hyperbole.

Nitro, however, has elements of greatness and it shows. This is not a half-hearted attempt at making a quick buck, this is the real deal. A publicly listed company named iCandy is supporting the unique project (ASX: ICI) which gives the venture an edge over other similar ICOs.

Nitro isa gaming ecosystem where studios, financiers, and publishers could thrive all the while a user enjoys his gaming experience. Gamers may also get rewards for a few tasks designated by the developers or publishers beforehand. The tasks may include multiplayer missions, among others.

iCandy Interactive has a user base of about 23 million people on smartphones. A recent acquisition took that base to a mind-numbing 348 million users. The magnitude of these numbers far outweigh the risks involved in the investments. With the video gaming industry on an upward trend, the platform is poised to change the game.

Pundits claim that the industry is set to witness a growth of almost 30% over the coming five years, making it a goldmine of opportunities. However, it is quite clear for someone with some knowledge of the sector that the balance tilts in the favor of the influential companies instead of the community itself.

Nitro uses blockchain technology to create a platform where the sector turns into an economy unto itself. They have a crypto-currency named NOX that allows this to happen. NOX will tokenize the video gaming industry by allowing stakeholders and gamers interact directly with the ecosystem and make transactions using the tokens provided.

This move shall democratize the system with which the gaming industry currently runs. Additionally, it allows for the true experience that a gamer craves, and the transparency and security that the stakeholders seek in an ecosystem.

Through a brilliant team of industry experts and veterans, Nitro maintains a sense of understanding of the industry like no other. The ecosystem is being built with a holistic approach to tackle the intricate challenges that face the sector today. To read more about the process and what Nitro intends to do with its platform, read the project’s whitepaper.

Gamers will receive rewards while publishers and studios will get a chance to market their products to huge swathes of gamers without really thinning out their wallets. NOX tokens handle all the transactions, whether in the marketplace or in-game purchases.

Gamers also get a rather distinct opportunity to give their direct feedback to the publishers and developers through the medium of Nitro. With a truly democratic platform and an innovative marketplace, Nitro has a chance to rewrite the rules of the gaming industry and, from what we’ve seen so far, it already is.