After its pre-ICO success, enlists on HitBTC and funds a research program

It is not uncommon for a new startup to set an ambitious goal, and certainly not rare when a startup fails to reach the said goal. However, if a startup manages to tick all the right boxes and is on track to achieve its short-term goals, that is surely a sight to behold. had its pre-ICO for a two-week period that started on November 7, 2017. It was hugely successful raking in about $11.2 million easily surpassing its soft cap goal of $5 million, and subsequently became the fifth most successful ICO based on Ethereum contributions.

Now, the company is moving goal posts. Having pledged to their clients that their platform tokens, called TIO, will be on a global exchange within a month of commencing its ICO (which began on December 5, 2017), the trading startup has already partnered with a European exchange named HitBTC.

Being able to over-deliver at such an early stage of their journey sure gives potential investors a reason to repose faith in you, especially when the exchange is a world-renowned one that is popular amongst customers around the world.

HitBTC does not take its reputation for granted, either. They commission extensive background checks and make sure whether the crypto-currency or token is worth the toil. Their diligent process provides an additional sense of achievement for the budding trade platform. This should make their early investors very happy.

Another major development at the blockchain-based trading company has many in the industry surprised. The startup has decided to fund two post-doctoral seats for students willing to research the Distributive Ledger Technology or DLT. The program will be held at the University of Nicosia in Cyprus.

The University located in the southern European region has prior experience with the blockchain technologies. It offers a recognized Master’s program called MSc in Digital Currency and offers coursework too. They were also the first-ever institution to accept Bitcoin as a valid mode of payment.

The course will be focused on improving the Distributed Ledger Technology by allowing highly capable academic people to work on subjects ranging from interoperability to the functionality or even the governance which guides the present-day blockchain technologies.

There will be an active focus on the most efficient practices & implementations to guide the corporate governance of the smart tokens. The other aspect that the company wants the post-doctoral candidates to concentrate on is the Distributed Ledger Technology (or, the DLT), itself.

More specifically, wants the candidates to especially focus on different aspects of DLT such as side-chains and the interoperability of the cross-chains. The main intention of the company with this program is the eventual advancement of the blockchain infrastructure for Distributed Ledger Technology.

From functionality to the governance, wants to be at the helm of blockchain’s advancement. For a company that has yet to complete its ICO, this trading platform startup is really shaking up the whole industry by its moves. Everyone has their eyes on the company’s next step.