Aurora – Evolution of the financial world

Aurora is thinking of executing its program of crypto rewards, allowed by the AURA tokens to invigorate the designing limit order on the International Distributed Ethereum Exchange. This program is set-up to embolden the development of order books. Market makers who place the limit order and execute them on the IDEX market can get the AURA token grants.

Around one-fifth of the total AURA tokens available will be supplied to the community through the use of this amazing program @ 1% of the remaining tokens of reward every month. In every additional month, the amount of AURA rewards will decrease, offering benefits to the market makers so that they get encouraged to join early, thus ensuring the continuity of these reward programs.

Traders will get tokens of AURA, which will be proportionate to the fees they pay for the limit orders. For instance, if 3 dealers trade during a particular month, namely dealer A, dealer B, and dealer C pay5, 2, and 3 ETH respectively, then they will get 50%, 20%, and 30% of AURA tokens respectively, issued in that particular month.

Cryptocurrency users can make use of funds that are kept in the reward program in the situations where the value of Boreal falls. This is the surety of the fact that at present there are 200% reserves for boreals. As in this system, decentralized capital is keeping a major portion of the AURA reserves. Aurora is going to create more boreal through its personal growth. Through this, Aurora is aiming to improve the condition of every holder of AURA tokens.

Aurora has a crypto membership named DVIP that enables the holder to do trading for free or at a discount on the International Distributed Ethereum Exchange Platform till 2020. It also offers 2 times faster accrual rate to its members.

DVIP holders can redeem their DVIP membership after two weeks of its distribution. They are offered a new membership of 50,000 Aura for every DVIP. The redemption will be administered with the support of Ethereum smart contract. Currently, 2000 DVIP exist in the market. Plus, the Aurora lab is going to sell another 1700 tokens during the launch of IDEX MVP.

Aurora has a price-stable currency called Boreal, which is based on Ethereum blockchain. The supply of this cryptocurrency is managed very carefully through the use of decentralized capital to meet its rising demand and to maintain the stability of its price. Boreals can be purchased and redeemed easily as well as quickly. People can purchase this cryptocurrency in open markets.

Users that have taken the Boreal loans can convert Boreals into some other cryptocurrency. They can also buy these Boreals to make repayment of their loans. If the principal amount and interest of the loan taken are repaid in Boreals, then this will increase the price of Boreals.

In case the demand for Boreals exceeds their supply, then in such a case, the borrowers and consumers can purchase this cryptocurrency from the decentralized capital directly at the transaction charges of 0.5%. This gives the guarantee of the fact that the borrowers can buy their necessary assets at a reasonable price.

Additionally, it creates another source of earning money for the banks. Direct buying also enables a person to move excessive funds into Boreals without failing to meet up with the standards. The Ether that is used for buying Boreals will be deposited to the reserves.

Every user of Boreal can redeem it by paying 1% fee. This makes sure that there is a base price that one has to pay to redeem this cryptocurrency. If you want to get more knowledge related to Boreals, Aurora, and its crypto-membership, then read its whitepaper.