Aworker platform, its remuneration, and its working

Aworker is a recruitment platform that aims to revolutionize the traditional ways of recruitment by making use of the Blockchain technology. Aworker system is going to get a reward every single time when a person who approaches this platform gets a job in a certain company. The entire procedure will be transparent to the employee and he or she will be able to see everything that is going on during the stage of hiring.

In the cases where the search of the candidate becomes peer to peer, other users of the network look for suitable candidates for the company and when their search is completed, they recommend the names of the candidate to the companies, which are hiring employees. Recommendations given by the acquaintances will develop a healthy and pleasant environment in the company.

The technology of Blockchain has created a reliable as well as transparent system, which will consider the interest of all parties. Even the employees of the company are not aware when the reward is going to be paid if the company hires his or her friend.

The remaining employees of the company cannot recommend the name of their acquaintances because of the absence of a reliable and common platform. Aworker wants to make this procedure more open so that every corner has detailed information that can aid in making a decision.

The remuneration is distributed among the participants involved in the process of recruitment. 60% of the remuneration will be received by the user that will recommend the best candidate. 10% will be received by the people who came to give an interview. 10% will be received by the candidates that actually come for the interview. And the remaining 20% will be received by the candidate that the company actually chooses.

Therefore, the remuneration will be received by the most qualified participants. A campaign is created by the HR workers on the platform of Aworker where he or she is going to mention that they are ready to fill the vacancy in their company through the candidates provided by the users of Aworker.

The Human Resource Manager also has to specify the settings regarding the users that can view this job. Additionally, the manager has to state the amount of remuneration that the company is going to pay to the employee. Such an amount will be blocked on the company’s account in the form of WORK tokens. Then, the Human Resource Manager will have to decide the time of giving the reward after successfully completing the trial period.

An employee hired through the platform of Aworker can view open jobs in its application through which he or she can recommend his or her acquaintances. If the person thinks that such a friend is fit for filling the vacancy in the company, then the employee can click on the button of Recommend a Friend and get a link to this job. After that, the employee can send that link to his friend in the form of a message. If you are looking for more information, then read Aworker’s whitepaper.