BitCar marketing, competition, and incentive program  


BitCar is a decentralized platform that enables individuals with regular income to trade and hold the tokens of Ethereum Blockchain named as BITCAR. It provides a platform to the general public where exotics can be bought, sold, and owned partially.

The market of BitCar is going to target the buyers of the middle-class families that cannot afford to buy exotics at the market price. Individuals earning high income who want the total ownership of the exotic car are not the target of this platform.

Verifiable digital ownership is an important part of BitCar’s business model. Users of this platform receive digital assets that are immutable in nature against the payment of interest. The ledger of Blockchain will record and confirm the ownership of users. Owners can check their interests on Blockchain of Ethereum in an autonomous manner. These kinds of verifications enable users to do trading on the exchange platform.

Marketing of exotics can be done on the platform even after they have achieved streams of revenue through their display in popular places like malls with high traffic, galleries, and airports that are going to help in marketing.

This platform, namely BitCar, offers different rewards to its users for certain accomplishments like the growth of the brand name, personal growth of the users, performance, increase in the trading volume, and adoption of BITCAR. These rewards offer complete access to the portfolio of Exotics’ ownership by way of the event, which displays the supercars and its owners.

A competition of BitCar is going to be organized, which will allow the users of BitCar to earn the tokens of BITCAR and many other prizes through numerous ways. This competition will include activities performed on the platform as well as the bounty campaigns of online marketing. The Bitcar competition will encourage the development of the BitCar environment.

The rewards will be offered to the users on different levels depending upon their performance of p2p trading. The development of the platform and continuous digital marketing will further take place through the experiences of the users on the platform, which will overall increase the interest of the users in exotics.

The platform of BitCar also has an incentive scheme that has been created to allocate the tokens amongst the agents as well as the initial users of the BitCar platform. This is going to assist the agents in performing important functions of growth, which includes acquisition, sourcing, storage of exotics, and display transportation. Moreover, it is going to assist them in the international marketing of the BitCar platform.

Some percentage of the incentives that will be given to the agents is going to be provided only on the date of actual sale. If the sale price achieved by the Exotic is more than the price of the acquisition, then the agent will receive the incentive otherwise it is going to be distributed amongst the sellers by way of the pool. The team of BitCar has done a lot of discussions with numerous agents and partners in the past 2 years and is going to make an announcement about the incentive programs very soon.