Bitmora and its system of voting

Bitmora is an exchange platform that has been created to change the manner in which the exchange platforms of cryptocurrencies operate. It has a target to develop an exclusive trading platform that is going to provide a firm grade security, minimum fee, and a distinct system of voting. This platform originated a campaign of crowdfunding on 1st December, 2017. The cryptocurrency of Bitmora is going to be launched in February, 2018.

Its motive is to raise 600,000 dollars throughout the 60 days of the campaign. Even if a participant agrees to invest money equivalent to 10 dollars, he or she is going to receive a monthly payout according to the volume of exchange during its initial period of one year and 6 months. The voting power of the participants depends on the amount of money they invest in the campaign. The executive board of Bitmora will keep 30% of the funds aside in every month for the people who are going to participate in the campaign.

This platform, namely Bitmora, is planning to present a mobile application that is fully functional. Other than that, it will give an extraordinary experience of trading to its users through a remarkable system of voting. The platform of Bitmora is based in San Diego, California. It is creating a service that will allow people to exchange virtual currencies.

As per the opinion of this platform, namely Bitmora, the executives of the existing cryptocurrency exchanges have no regard towards the opinion of the users. Therefore, they decided to introduce changes in the voting system where the viewpoints of the Bitcoin activists will be taken into account.

According to this system, users will give an opinion to the suggestion board. The best 20 suggestions received within the deadline of two weeks are going to be posted on the personal group of voting. The suggestion should receive a minimum of 50% votes from the private group of voting in order to get approved. In case a particular suggestion does not receive a single vote, then the influencer group will take the decision.

The influencer group is going to choose the top five important decisions to get reviewed by the advisory council. In the case where the private group of voting does not cast any vote, the five best suggestions will be selected by the influencer group and then will be passed on to the advisory board. The advisory committee is further going to vote and choose the best suggestion that will be sent to the executive board for the final confirmation.

The executive board will either approve the suggestion or can decline it. If the suggestion gets approved, then it will be implemented as soon as possible. But if they reject the suggestion, then they will send a statement to the users.

Additionally, they will create a side panel where they will have discussions with the advisory council and the team of influencers explaining them about the appropriate manner in which they should proceed. If you are interested to know more, then you can visit the Twitter handle of Bitmora.