Blockchain-based platform is Cappasity’s answer to e-commerce woes

Cappasity is a startup that was founded in 2013. After pivoting, they found themselves researching a great deal about the 3D technologies and how to make the process faster. Last year, they revealed a 3D software that allowed creators to do just that.

This year, they have ignited a new flame altogether. The company is taking on e-commerce portals’ biggest weakness- lack of a cohesive ecosystem. With the new platform, the startup is planning to expand the world of retail to include 3D and VR.

The new platform will provide users a complete environment with two layers. The first one, which will constitute its infrastructure, will be based on the blockchain technology. It will provide a decentralized storage to creators and distributors and allow them to check their inventory among other things.

The second tier will be the marketplace that enables consumers, businesses, and others to interact with the products that they’re interested in. The two are interdependent and will allow both creators and buyers a fluidity that is rarely seen in the now stale marketplace.

To bring the whole platform together, they also have a currency that is entirely digital and exclusive to their network, ARTokens. ARTokens will allow people from all around the world to focus on the product without breaking a sweat about the currency they’re dealing with.

In order for all to gel well, they are offering a crowdsale for the ARTokens. About 7,000,000,000 tokens are available with the currency rate of 125 ARTokens per $1 (USD). A hard cap of $50 million is set and a minimum contribution of $35 is required for your donation to be considered valid.

The phase 1 of this crowdsale, which started on October 25, ends in a few hours, on November 22. The digital currency is expected to be listed on crypto-currency exchanges including HitBTC as soon as Phase 1 ends. They accept payments in Bitcoin (BTC), and ETH (Ethereum).

There are bonuses available based on the amount contributed to the sale. Among other things, a contribution between $100,000 and $300,000 will get a sizable bonus of 5% while a contribution of more than that will lead to a bonus of 5%.

Phase 2 begins on March 22, 2018, and the “new” AR/USD exchange will be announced on January 23. While the company expects it to rise, the token price is based on its market value. The actual number of tokens will also be revealed after the crowdsale with the burning of the unsold tokens.

For more information about the venture, head on here to read their whitepaper. For a blockchain-based startup, they’re looking to impact way more than just the retail industry. Among others, they are aiming to influence gaming industry, healthcare, live events, and military which collectively amount to $80 billion.

The company’s ambition is praise-worthy and must be acknowledged. The idea is great and the execution seems to be going on the plan. If all goes well, the company may just rewrite everything we know about interacting with the products.