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Published by Doug Fishburn | 17-01-2018

Aworker platform, its remuneration, and its working

Aworker is a recruitment platform that aims to revolutionize the traditional ways of recruitment by making use of the Blockchain technology. Aworker system is going to get a reward every single time when a person who approaches this platform gets a job in a certain company. The entire procedure will be transparent to the employee […]

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Published by Doug Fishburn | 16-01-2018

The rewards mechanism and the wallet of Lympo

The user reward mechanism and the virtual wallet of fitness is the foundation of the Lympo environment. The fitness wallet of Lympo enables the user to enter into the Lympo infrastructure. Additionally, it allows the user to make a profile, fill the information related to their health, and then link it to the health and […]

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Published by Doug Fishburn | 13-01-2018

Bitmora and its system of voting

Bitmora is an exchange platform that has been created to change the manner in which the exchange platforms of cryptocurrencies operate. It has a target to develop an exclusive trading platform that is going to provide a firm grade security, minimum fee, and a distinct system of voting. This platform originated a campaign of crowdfunding […]

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Published by Doug Fishburn | 11-01-2018

Xmoneta and its XMN tokens

Unlike other Blockchain-based platforms, Xmoneta has a target to create a charitable foundation. Initially, they are aiming to create a functional product, along with a self-sustaining environment. In order to develop a charitable foundation, this platform needs to establish investment fund, messenger bank, and exchange platform for trading. Once the internal economy and the financial […]

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Published by Doug Fishburn | 10-01-2018

Trakinvest as the Social Trading Platform and Trading Future

The TrakInvest model is aiming to democratize cryptocurrencies’ and equities’ trading by empowering the standard retail investors with a superior insight and trading initiatives generated by the AI engine. It is a growing platform, which caters its individual digital currency and utilizes the Blockchain technology. As a virtual worldwide social trading platform, the TrakInvest firm […]

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Published by Doug Fishburn | 05-01-2018

Content on demand market of Open Source University

The Open Source University is a university based on Ethereum Blockchain. It has over 7000 vast online courses and around 60 million students who are willing to learn across the globe. It has a smart contract solution that has the capability to reach around three billion users of the internet. It has a team of […]

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Published by Doug Fishburn | 03-01-2018

Covesting introduces its p2p platform of asset management for cryptocurrency

Covesting has aired its revolutionizing p2p platform of asset management. Covesting is a new company of financial technology, which has introduced asset management and copy-trading in the market of cryptocurrency. The concept of copy trading is very popular in the conventional financial markets but is yet to be established in the industry of cryptocurrency. Both […]

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Published by Doug Fishburn | 21-12-2017

Aurora – Evolution of the financial world

Aurora is thinking of executing its program of crypto rewards, allowed by the AURA tokens to invigorate the designing limit order on the International Distributed Ethereum Exchange. This program is set-up to embolden the development of order books. Market makers who place the limit order and execute them on the IDEX market can get the […]

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Published by Doug Fishburn | 19-12-2017

HOQU platform and the benefits of its HQx tokens

Every person who is running a business is looking out for various ways through which they can best utilize their marketing budget. Merchants want to attract maximum customers with minimum budget. Nowadays, the maximum budget of the business merchants is spent on digital marketing. In the year 2017, some of the advertising expenses are done […]

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Published by Doug Fishburn | 15-12-2017

Chainium and its benefits to investors and businesses

Chainium is a new start-up established in Bristol. This platform is based on the technology of blockchain that enables businesses and investors to build a direct connection between sale and purchase of securities. This platform has removed the need for intermediaries in the process of trading and made it more easy and simple. Chainium enables […]

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