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Published by Doug Fishburn | 13-02-2018

What is savedroid and its ICO plan?

Savedroid is a platform that brings forward a uniquely crafted ecosystem that is fueled by Artificial Intelligence (AI) for crypto investing as well as saving. This platform facilitates users to earn profits by getting hassle-free and simple access to various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, Stellar, IOTA, etc. Additionally, the savedroid […]

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Published by Doug Fishburn | 02-02-2018

Gazing through Lucyd Lens – Masterpiece in the world of smart glasses

Lucyd.co is a hi-tech eyeglasses company that is prospecting to launch world’s first ever blockchain-fueled glasses in the coming year (2019). Breaking the chain of smart glasses launched by various other companies, one of them being Google, Lucyd is developing wonder smart glasses with 13 advanced Augmented Reality patents. Many optic expert brains are put […]

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Published by Doug Fishburn | 30-01-2018

Thrive progressing onto making its ICO sale and Thrive tokens

As with the case of all successful crypto projects, the foundation of the Thrive platform is laid alone on great innovation. The platform promotes a decentralized advertisement market, using the capabilities of smart contracts and Blockchain to make the data transparent, immutable, and secure. As the most premium and cheapest ad marketplace, the Thrive business […]

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Published by Doug Fishburn | 30-01-2018

VinChain – A Blockchain based platform for vehicle registry

Thousands of second-hand cars are sold on a daily basis in every nation across the globe. Every purchaser wishes to get the trustworthy information related to the vehicle that he or she is hoping to buy. This includes all kinds of information, like accidents, usage, maintenance, and other relevant details. In the existing system, there […]

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Published by Doug Fishburn | 29-01-2018

Trust base and business cycle of Debitum

The network of Debitum has a market, which is three-sided. But it is not an easy job to reach out to service providers, investors, and borrowers on all the sides. The Debitum platform can resolve this issue by lending these tokens of Debitum to all the parties and encouraging them to become a part of […]

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Published by Doug Fishburn | 25-01-2018

BitCar marketing, competition, and incentive program  

  BitCar is a decentralized platform that enables individuals with regular income to trade and hold the tokens of Ethereum Blockchain named as BITCAR. It provides a platform to the general public where exotics can be bought, sold, and owned partially. The market of BitCar is going to target the buyers of the middle-class families […]

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Published by Doug Fishburn | 17-01-2018

Aworker platform, its remuneration, and its working

Aworker is a recruitment platform that aims to revolutionize the traditional ways of recruitment by making use of the Blockchain technology. Aworker system is going to get a reward every single time when a person who approaches this platform gets a job in a certain company. The entire procedure will be transparent to the employee […]

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Published by Doug Fishburn | 16-01-2018

The rewards mechanism and the wallet of Lympo

The user reward mechanism and the virtual wallet of fitness is the foundation of the Lympo environment. The fitness wallet of Lympo enables the user to enter into the Lympo infrastructure. Additionally, it allows the user to make a profile, fill the information related to their health, and then link it to the health and […]

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Published by Doug Fishburn | 13-01-2018

Bitmora and its system of voting

Bitmora is an exchange platform that has been created to change the manner in which the exchange platforms of cryptocurrencies operate. It has a target to develop an exclusive trading platform that is going to provide a firm grade security, minimum fee, and a distinct system of voting. This platform originated a campaign of crowdfunding […]

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Published by Doug Fishburn | 11-01-2018

Xmoneta and its XMN tokens

Unlike other Blockchain-based platforms, Xmoneta has a target to create a charitable foundation. Initially, they are aiming to create a functional product, along with a self-sustaining environment. In order to develop a charitable foundation, this platform needs to establish investment fund, messenger bank, and exchange platform for trading. Once the internal economy and the financial […]

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