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Published by Doug Fishburn | 04-12-2017

Chimaera is all set with its Blockchain gaming platform

Chimaera is a famous firm, which has released its innovative game technology based on the Blockchain network. The private token sale for the same is already put into the market. Chimaera is a decentralized gaming platform, which aims to make games more economical as well as easier since they are backed by the revolutionary blockchain […]

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Published by Doug Fishburn | 28-11-2017

POS system launch for cryptocurrency

The Pundi X point of sale device allows cafes, convenience stores, and shops to accept, sell, and purchase cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment. It enables them to offer consumers with an easy way of purchasing and selling cryptocurrency using their mobile wallet, cash, Pundi X, or bank card. Pundi X aims at building the […]

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Published by Doug Fishburn | 27-11-2017

A blockchain-based video gaming platform? Yes, please!

The decentralization factor of the blockchain technology is almost too alluring. It has moved leaps and bounds ahead of everyone’s wildest imagination. One of its by-products, as one could call it, is the rise in crypto-currency based ICOs that claim to reinvigorate a category. Mostly, though, such promises turn out to be nothing more than […]

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Published by Doug Fishburn | 24-11-2017

Trade.io’s blockchain may prove to be a game changer for trading

A new trading platform called trade.io stands to change the trading methods used today and, in its place, use its more sophisticated platform to exchange assets, make transactions, and deal with ICOs and IPOs. The economic crash of 2008 led to a lot of public hysteria, and rightly so. The banks that were “too big […]

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Published by Doug Fishburn | 22-11-2017

Blockchain-based platform is Cappasity’s answer to e-commerce woes

Cappasity is a startup that was founded in 2013. After pivoting, they found themselves researching a great deal about the 3D technologies and how to make the process faster. Last year, they revealed a 3D software that allowed creators to do just that. This year, they have ignited a new flame altogether. The company is […]

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Published by Doug Fishburn | 20-11-2017

Pulsar Venture Capital: The future of venture funding and business acceleration on Blockchain

Pulsar Venture Capital is an international startup acceleration and venture capital fund program. This firm has offices in five different continents with its headquarters in Kazan. It is one of the first firms that have conducted an ICO (Initial Coin Offer) program within the rules and regulations of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.  The […]

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Published by Doug Fishburn | 18-11-2017

Best ICO you should invest in

Just a year back, initial coin offerings were in their nascent state with not many people wise to the potential they had. While still many are at sea when it comes to deciphering the true value of the initial coin offerings (ICOs), more and more investors are waking up to the promise these tokens offer.  […]

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Published by Doug Fishburn | 18-11-2017

The start of a new era in retail-consumer relationship with GAT Coins

Very rarely do we see something hailed as the greatest marketing invention since the introduction of points. That’s what has been said of GAT Coins, a new platform that aims to bring the mundane and traditional vouchers and discounts to the digital era. GATCOIN derives its inventive solutions from where the present systems stagger. Where […]

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Published by Doug Fishburn | 09-11-2017

Why your supply chain needs blockchain capability

Blockchain technology, on which the bitcoin is based, has widespread applications. Blockchains solutions empower more industries than just the financial world. Hailed as the second generation of digital revolution next to the advent of Internet, the new platform has reshaped the entire business world optimizing operations with a high level of efficiency. In simple terms, […]

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Published by bitcoinmining.eu | 13-10-2017

The Groundbreaking Technology of Brickblock: A Cryptocurrency Investment Trading Platform.

Brickblock is an online cryptocurrency investment trading platform and finance company that was formed in 2016. The company stands out due to its innovative business tactics and unique technology. There are no minimum fees or required amount to start investing. Brickblock aims to reduce transaction costs while stabilizing and validating the positive reputation of cryptocurrencies […]

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