Chainium and its benefits to investors and businesses

Chainium is a new start-up established in Bristol. This platform is based on the technology of blockchain that enables businesses and investors to build a direct connection between sale and purchase of securities. This platform has removed the need for intermediaries in the process of trading and made it more easy and simple.

Chainium enables business proprietors to pay the dividend to its investors. The amount of dividend received by the investors is based on an already determined ratio i.e. profit per share.  The dividend can be in the form of cryptocurrency, fiat money, a reward scheme, or advanced allotment of shares. Chainium has a tool called Smart Contract that it uses to calculate the dividend amount. Every investor is notified of the dividend that he or she is going to receive.

Voting rights are a great encouragement for people who want to buy a large stake in the company. Voting is done in the listed companies a few months after the publishing of the financial statements. With the help of automated online voting, companies can do voting every time they have to take a major decision.

Chainium authorizes business organizations to conduct a voting event within a prescribed time limit. After the submission of the proposal, the shareholders can vote in favor or against the resolution. The proprietors get the results of such voting in small parts.

Building a relationship of mutual trust and faith with the investors is very significant for business firms as it increases the chances of successful investment and conversion of potential investors into actual customers. Chainium offers a robust communication system, which enables firms to contact their shareholders through various channels.

Investor communication model consists of campaigns, import, and export. Campaign means interaction between shareholders and business owners through internal as well as external channels. Such an interaction can be paper-based or digital.

The proprietors will set-up a campaign while keeping their target customers in mind through, such a campaign, they can easily find the investors they are looking for. Chainium can directly contact those investors through e-mail, SMS or an export function by making use of third-party service.

The export function enables you to export a portion of the investor base that can be used for external purposes. The import function enables business owners to import campaign specific information. This enables the business owners to know about all the investor activities.

It is not easy to convert investors into real customers, especially for small organizations having a massive local investor base. Chainium has a firm function that can manage corporate perquisites and rewards. These rewards are two types i.e. customer and investor perks.

Customer perks are offered by small companies. These are special discounts given to some specific shareholders having a minimum shareholding. Retail firms offer different discounts or free items to its customers at the time of sale. With the help of Chainium business owners offer various perks to its investors such as heavily discounted or matched shares. If you want to know more about Chainium, then read its whitepaper.