Content on demand market of Open Source University

The Open Source University is a university based on Ethereum Blockchain. It has over 7000 vast online courses and around 60 million students who are willing to learn across the globe. It has a smart contract solution that has the capability to reach around three billion users of the internet. It has a team of experts having professional experience in the line of software development.

The Open Source University has a business and academia smart contract solution that assists business firms to place the right candidates in their business and train them to deal with actual situations that occur in the business environment. This method of hiring the right type of candidates is exquisite for organizations that have a team of experts.

Companies can get a large number of talented candidates through the use of business and academia smart contract. Additionally, it will offer aid in organizing internal trainings and specializations that can develop in-house knowledge.

The business firms can get a lot of advantages through the use of business and academia smart contract solutions such as scalability restrictions, access to a large number of fresh talents, and potential to reach out to learners with optimum results. Business firms make payments to academia that provides them incredibly talented candidates. Academies get motivated and provide high quality education to its candidates because of which it gets financial benefits from organizations.

Today, people who are acquiring education on the internet are making progress by doing good quality courses and other learning experiences like nano-degrees and micro-masters, including actual applications, skills, and abilities. Students can very easily get into Berkeley, Harvard, and MIT by making use of the EDX platform. Students have earned 400,000 certificates up to the year 2015. Learners can acquire skills, knowledge, and expertise in one place through the use of Blockchain.

The process to learn and develop has never been more easy and transparent. The Open Source University has created a transparent system by maintaining a record of details of all the learners via the Blockchain technology.

The solutions created by this platform have the potential to disrupt the conventional academia and create an interdependent relationship between academia, learners, and business. The technology of Blockchain enables a free flow of knowledge and benefits between business and academia. It has changed the traditional system of hiring, trading, and development in the business.

By making use of the peer to peer technology and encryption, they can link particular academia, students, and business firms with same requirements, interests, and skills. Businesses can hire appropriate candidates through the use of smart contracts without third parties and other platforms to search for job.

Concurrently, it can handle status updates of a particular candidate. These updates will be provided to business and academia by using smart contracts. Academia receives bonuses from companies that have hired candidates from the Open Source University for filling vacancies. If you are looking for further details about the OS University and its different components, then read its whitepaper.