Covesting introduces its p2p platform of asset management for cryptocurrency

Covesting has aired its revolutionizing p2p platform of asset management. Covesting is a new company of financial technology, which has introduced asset management and copy-trading in the market of cryptocurrency. The concept of copy trading is very popular in the conventional financial markets but is yet to be established in the industry of cryptocurrency.

Both fresh as well as experienced traders can develop a trading specimen that enables other investors to subscribe as well. After the subscription, the account of investors will duplicate all the trades executed by the model manager.

The main purpose behind the formation of this asset management platform was to provide security as well as transparency to the investors who are uncomfortable with individual trading in cryptocurrency. Covesting also evaluates the performance of the traders on the basis of real time.

To create a platform in the shortest duration, the team of Covesting went for initial coin offering. This platform offers a special opportunity to the users that can be availed by buying its tokens before the launch of its beta version.

The pre initial coin offering of Covesting was a great success and it continued for 2 weeks. They raised 2,000 Ethereum, which was achieved within 7 days. The maximum limit for the presale was 5,000 Ethereum that ended on 19th November 2017. Around 1,100+ investors participated in this pre initial coin offering. People were very keen to know about MVP before its release.

Covesting made a declaration that it has finally started operating in Gibralter. A decision, which can help this financial technology start-up to develop in a place where there are friendly rules and regulations. This decision is extremely important for companies based on distributed ledger as Gibralter is a place that has very flexible regulations. The commission of financial service in Gilbitrar did the ratification of laws related to distributed ledger that came into force on 1st January 2018.

This blockchain-based platform, namely Covesting, provides an opportunity to daily investors to compare the trading activities performed by many cryptocurrency traders. Additionally, it enables them to do copy-trading.

Covesting is not a new investment scheme. Instead, it is a platform that allows traders of cryptocurrency to make use of the latest tools of trading. Plus, it uses the knowledge of the community to earn maximum profits in the market of cryptocurrency.

Covesting has gone through many modifications and conceptual upgrading since the day its founder came up with the idea of p2p asset management. Covesting works in a very different manner as compared to the conventional structures of investment. This platform aims to revolutionize the traditional industry of managing assets.

The peer-to-peer asset management platform is the foundation of the Covesting ecosystem. This structure executes a strong business model capable of disrupting the existing market structure. Every member can have a record of the previous and current performances of every trading model. If you wish to know more about the Covesting infrastructure, then read its whitepaper.