DIMPAY- A crypto solution to your business- to- business transactions

DIMPAY is a decentralized system of making payments. NEM blockchain technology is the foundation of this system of payment. This technology is implemented in such a manner that has made it transparent, inexpensive, and fast. DIMPAY was developed with a view to facilitate P2P, B2B, B2C, C2C, and B2C transactions.

The DIM environment has a number of branches and one of them is DIMPAY. It has three remarkable applications named as the DIM credit card, mobile DEPOTWALLET, and web DEPOTWALLET. WISE consulting Ltd and Hybrid Stock Exchange facilitate the use of DIM ecosystem.

Hybrid Stock Exchange is an online platform of stock exchange, which enables medium and small organizations to acquire foreign capital through any place in the whole world. WISE consulting Ltd works as an exchange agency for the DIM environment. They arrange fiat currencies and withdraw them from their bank accounts to transfer them into the bank account of the merchants.

The DEPOTWALLET web application is an incredible app as it allows users to do a variety of things, such as buying, selling, managing, and holding different types of crypto assets and cryptocurrencies. This is a wallet based on the blockchain and it allows firms and people to make B2B transactions and peer to peer transfers.

The Mobile DEPOTWALLET is exactly the same as web DEPOTWALLET but it is particularly for mobile phones. This app will be first introduced in the beta version for the testing purpose. After that, there will be an implementation of security updates in the software.

The third application of the DIM ecosystem is the debit card of DIM, which will link the user to both the mobile and web app version of DEPOTWALLET. The owners of this debit card can exercise an option to change their DIMCOINS as well as other cryptocurrencies into currencies of DIM. These DIM currencies can be utilized by the owners of the DIM debit card for buying goods and services online as well as by going to the market.

The DIM ecosystem allows users to create private accounts over which they can have full control. These accounts will be connected to the DEPOTWALLET accounts, which will provide autonomy to the users to manage their cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

The DIM ecosystem allows business proprietors to create business accounts to supervise their day to day transactions through this one single account. This way they can easily keep a check on their consumers through these accounts. The owner of these business accounts can easily create invoices, check their updates, get notifications when payments are made, and can make time-based and value-based billings.

DIMPAY is going to launch its initial coin offering in the month of December. It is going to start on 7th of December and will continue till 18th of December. They are also going to announce bonuses during the ICO period.

The DIMPAY platform is anticipating growth in this year. The release of its initial coin offering in the month of December will definitely bring tremendous growth and will help DIMPAY to become a significant section of the DIM environment. If you want to know more about DIMPAY and the DIM ecosystem, then read its whitepaper.