Envion- A source of decentralized and clean energy

History has proved that every great thing comes with negative consequences. Just take the case of Marie Curie, the research conducted by her on radioactive elements has given wonderful benefits, like X-rays, to the mankind but sadly that research became the reason for her death.

The story of blockchain is similar to that. This wonderful technology has the capability to change every industry it deals with. Though, its major application is only seen in the industry of cryptocurrency. Nowadays there is a lot of buzz about blockchain because of which it is easy to ignore its side effects.

Famous cryptocurrencies, such As bitcoins and Ethereum, need robust hardware, which can solve complicated mathematical problems. These computer systems consume a lot of energy and the sources of energy used by these systems are exhaustible.

Every single bitcoin transaction consumes 215 kilowatt hours of power in processing. An average US household uses 900 KWH in a month that means around 30 kilowatt hour in a day. That means one bitcoin transaction uses the energy equal to power consumption needed by seven US households in one day. Moreover, Bitcoin mines are dependent on non-renewable sources, like coal and fossil fuels, that release 13000 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions.

With three hundred thousand transactions in one day, bitcoin mining is creating a negative impact on the environment. This is happening because of only one cryptocurrency. Though Ethereum relies less on energy, still energy consumed by this cryptocurrency is equal to the power consumed in two American households.

Envion is targeting to make mining of cryptocurrencies cleaner, decentralized, and cheaper through its mobile data centers. It has created automated mining units, which can be fitted within the shipping containers. These containers can be shifted anywhere in the whole world with less reliance on single infrastructures, governments, and economies.

The mining units that particularly consume power from inexhaustible sources are placed close to the energy sources, such as wind turbines and solar plants, which minimize the cost of electricity transportation and allow them to tap excessive energy production. Additionally, this start-up has introduced a new mechanized cooling system, expressly for blockchain mining, which is way more powerful than normal cooling units.

Envion is the most powerful and profitable crypto infrastructure. It believes that the new generation energy grids should be more dynamic and smart systems should connect renewables with power stations and the network of consumers and producers of energy.

The initial coin offerings that we see currently is generally based on speculations. Although the EVN tokens offered by Envion are powered by is hardware, which is operating perfectly. The sale of EVN tokens will continue for 31 days. The sale began on December 1, 2017, and has a maximum cap of 1 hour 30 minutes.

The investors can receive dividends from the mining of cryptocurrencies. Out of which, 75% will be given to them immediately and the remaining 25% will be contributed to increasing the future payments. If you want to know about Envion, its investment system, and initial coin offering, then you can read its whitepaper.