Gazing through Lucyd Lens – Masterpiece in the world of smart glasses is a hi-tech eyeglasses company that is prospecting to launch world’s first ever blockchain-fueled glasses in the coming year (2019). Breaking the chain of smart glasses launched by various other companies, one of them being Google, Lucyd is developing wonder smart glasses with 13 advanced Augmented Reality patents. Many optic expert brains are put together to develop the Augmented reality matter that is easily visible through the Lucyd Lens.

Lucyd smart glasses will provide a graceful user experience, along with a widened field of view. With a highly enhanced view of 120 degrees, being thrice the field quality of any ordinary smart glasses, Lucyd lens regular eyeglasses look to maintain a decent optical standard.

Working of a Lucyd Lens

Lucyd Lab AR is a decentralized blockchain that helps in allocating new AR-native content. Lucyd lens builds on this decentralized blockchain, powered by the LCD token. The basic function of the token is to organically propel the content creation and utilize community-driven content formation to come up with first ever AR-driven blockchain.

These glasses are quite ergonomic and convenient to operate. The glasses will connect with a smartphone and rely on power and data for processing on the same. With this wonder device on your eyes, you can actually see all the apps using an AR interface in a very smooth manner.

LCD token is used to fuel the Lucyd Lab AR blockchain. Basically, LCD tokens propel the organic app development and drive user engagement. Lucyd is looking forward to selling 500 pairs of Lucyd lens exclusively to Lucyd token holders.

Lucyd lens consists of automatic power technology to power on and off on the basis of the position of the stem. The front camera is used to capture images and videos, and to detect objects. The stems of these super-tech eyeglasses consist of earphones and the rims of the glasses have a special microphone for calling and voice control. The special Lucyd lenses also have an advanced eye-tracking feature for optimizing the array of vision.

LCD present in the eyeglasses provides a special micro display for High Definition visuals, positioned in the periphery or center of the smart glasses. Also, a Bluetooth enabled charging mat will charge the smart glasses wirelessly.

In accordance with the official website of Lucyd, these blockchain-fueled glasses have a great potential to become an evolutionary leap. These lenses can change the way we see the world. Also, the Lucyd Lab is open to contribution from the community for a fruitful growth.

Currently, the company is working on the prototype and system of this futuristic pair of smart glasses. Solely based on the token sale price, i.e. $0.25 per unit, a pair of Lucyd lens is estimated to cost the value of 5000 LCD tokens i.e. 1,250 USD. With a sleek design and absolutely no buttons, wires, or switches, these smart glasses will undoubtedly pose a big boom in the tech-savvy market. For further information, read the whitepaper.