HOQU platform and the benefits of its HQx tokens

Every person who is running a business is looking out for various ways through which they can best utilize their marketing budget. Merchants want to attract maximum customers with minimum budget. Nowadays, the maximum budget of the business merchants is spent on digital marketing. In the year 2017, some of the advertising expenses are done by the way of the internet. By the year 2021, more than 50% of the expenditures incurred on advertising are expected to be done through the use of the internet.

Digital marketing is turning into a business worth billions of dollars. One of the well-known branches of digital marketing is affiliate marketing. Affiliates work hard to promote the products and services offered by your company. Affiliates are given a reward for the work they do according to the CPA model. Whenever a client performs an action like sales, clicks, or a phone call, these professional marketers get rewarded. This gives an assurance of the fact that the business merchants make payments for effective advertising only.

Until today, there have been only two problems persisting in the cost per action model. One is excessive commissions as transferring funds can be very costly. In order to find out the real effectiveness of the CPA model, business merchants hire brokers.

Another problem arising in the CPA model is fraud. This happens because intermediaries who are hired for determining the effectiveness of the cost per action campaigns get indulged in fraudulent activities to earn more money.

During the initial period of 2017, IT professionals and marketing team faced some of the issues. They created HOQU a decentralized cost per action platform for marketing. HOQU platform runs through the use of HQx tokens, which is a cryptocurrency released by the Blockchain-based Ethereum.

The tokens of HQx are a means through which payments are made between various participants, such as affiliates, merchants, and the affiliate networks. These tokens are issued by HOQU through the use of Ethereum.

These tokens are exchanged on independent exchange platforms. One of the major advantages of using HQx tokens is that the transactions can be performed at a thousand times faster pace as compared to fiat money transfers. Since the HOQU platform makes use of smart-contracts, it eliminates the need for brokers and third-parties. It also reduces the commission charges from 40% to 0.5%.

As HQx tokens are released by using the technology of Blockchain and exchanged through smart-contracts, it has become impossible for the affiliates to commit fraud. Affiliates cannot claim more than what they actually did and ask for more money from the business merchants. This is because HQx transactions make use of the Blockchain technology, which is a transparent system.

Out of all the options available in the market. HQx tokens provide the most amazing investment opportunities. HQx tokens are not a way of making payments rather it is a medium of exchange. This medium of exchange will begin dominating the world of affiliate marketing as now affiliate networks have started doing the business with the help of HOQU platform.

Many of the main exchanges have started showing interest in the HQx tokens. HOQU has come up with a system in which service prices are fixed to a particular price of the US dollars. HOQU started its token sale on 27th November 2017. They are going to sell 35 million tokens at the time of pre-sale.

Additionally, HOQU is thinking of selling 520 million tokens in its token sale. The price of 1 ETH is equivalent to 7000 HQx. If you want to get more details about HOQU and its HQx tokens, then read its whitepaper.