POS system launch for cryptocurrency

The Pundi X point of sale device allows cafes, convenience stores, and shops to accept, sell, and purchase cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment. It enables them to offer consumers with an easy way of purchasing and selling cryptocurrency using their mobile wallet, cash, Pundi X, or bank card.

Pundi X aims at building the world’s biggest offline sales network of cryptocurrencies. This network will be available in 100,000 stores in the next 3 years all over the target markets. The Pundi X group has a Pundi X point of sales, a device which is linked to Ethereum Blockchain. This Blockchain stores credit rating data, PXS tokens, and transactions. Business persons must buy PXS tokens to list their cryptocurrency, goods, and services.

In the coming times, Pundi X is aiming to integrate with financial firms to develop a system of credit rating by employing Blockchain technology to target the unbanked population of Southeast Asia. The firm will start establishing its POS system in Jakarta, Indonesia. This network will be established along with the ever-growing network of Pundi- Pundi.  It uses QR codes to allow cashless payments. The Pundi-Pundi model was launched a year ago and now it has around 100,000 registered users and more than 500 business merchants in Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta.

In order to accelerate its growth, the Pundi X firm is targeting restaurants and retailers. It is aiming to develop a relationship with companies having a massive user base. The first agreement signed between the payment solution provider and Pundi X will enable 100 million NU members to access Pundi X. NU is the biggest religious group in the area.

XEM is the world’s tenth largest cryptocurrency, having a market capitalization of 1.6 billion dollars. When the trade volume and demand of NEM is considered, it comes up as the most popular altcoin in Japan. NEM technology is used by a variety of industries and institutions.

The Pundi X Company has initiated its KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure to white list their investors in making ready for its public-wide ICO (Initial Coin Offering). The investors who do pass this KYC check get eligible for investing and guaranteeing the chance to purchase PXS tokens. The sale of public tokens initiated from 20th of November, 2017. The white listing process of application would eventually end at 10:00 GMT+8 on the 19th of December.

In the starting week of Initial Coin Offering, the qualified investors will get rewarded with a bonus reward of as far as 65% of the extra tokens. In addition, the investors who do make an investment of 30 ETH or an equivalent by means of one single address would also be given a free of charge XPOS device. The XPOS devices given out in this offer would get shipped within a period of 45 days after the completion of the whole ICO procedure. For further info about Pundi X, you can view its whitepaper.

The Pundi X firm aims to crack the last mile test for cryptocurrency sales and purchases by enabling wide-scale cryptocurrency adoption attributable to their POS smart devic