Pulsar Venture Capital: The future of venture funding and business acceleration on Blockchain

Pulsar Venture Capital is an international startup acceleration and venture capital fund program. This firm has offices in five different continents with its headquarters in Kazan. It is one of the first firms that have conducted an ICO (Initial Coin Offer) program within the rules and regulations of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.  The program is set to disrupt the regular early stage business acceleration and startup funding system that is devoid of Blockchain.

Through this program, the sale of tokens will be opened to the U.S. investors. Additionally, the tokens will be sold on the foremost exchanges around the world. The ICO program’s objective is to make the investments done in high technology startups liquid and accessible.

Pulsar VC is a leading firm among many top Russian business accelerators within the ranking of the UBI Global in 2016-2017. The company is ranked as the No. 1 Venture Capital Fund. This guarantees the authenticity and effectiveness of its results.

Pulsar Venture Capital invests in worldwide startups in their early stage. Its main focus is on disruptive budding businesses in cryptocurrency, blockchain, hardware, IT, and advanced materials. The firm has made strategic partnerships with 500 Startups as well as Google Ventures. Owing to this, the company’s value for its portfolio has climbed 4.5 times in just a matter of recent four years. This established venture funding firm has also received a typical 157% yearly return on its investments.


Pulsar invests in the best startups

Pulsar VC funds startups via its Pulsar Tokens’ allocation. The tokens are issued and created over the Ethereum network. Through these tokens, Pulsar invests in early stage startups on the basis of dealflow, which is the proven and proprietary investment model of the firm. The model aims towards supporting and ranking business acceleration and startups.

The sale of these tokens was commenced on November 13, 2017 and go on until December 12, 2017. You can buy these tokens using ETH (Ethers) or BTC (Bitcoin), which equals $1 for each token. The limit is restricted at $30,000,000 and the lowest contributed is limited at 0.1 ETH or equivalent in other digital payment system. However, the bonuses reduce with time. In the first week, the bonus will be 15%. In the second week, the bonus will be 10%. In the third week, the bonus will be 5%. And, in the fourth week, the bonus will get as low as 3%.

Pulsar VC reports that the funds it will receive owing to crowdsale will be spend on 28 highly lucrative and capable projects in the South-East Asia, Eastern Europe, and USA. The participants in the crowdsale will automatically be provided the shares in these portfolio firms.

Additionally, Pulsar VC will purchase back the Pulsar tokens from the market with the help of a part of dividends, acquired from the investments in the portfolio firms. The remaining share of the dividends will be dispersed among token holders as well as portfolio investors. The deflationary system will thus promote the value of Pulsar tokens as well as rise in the organic market.