The Groundbreaking Technology of Brickblock: A Cryptocurrency Investment Trading Platform.

Brickblock is an online cryptocurrency investment trading platform and finance company that was formed in 2016. The company stands out due to its innovative business tactics and unique technology. There are no minimum fees or required amount to start investing. Brickblock aims to reduce transaction costs while stabilizing and validating the positive reputation of cryptocurrencies and micro-holdings. In addition, one of the defining qualities of Brickblock is that you need to possess certain tokens to invest. This standard creates more solid transactions with tighter security.

The company’s goal is to promote and secure international investments by allowing investors to transform their currencies into actual assets. This process is a unique concept by BrickBlock that is helps promote a less volatile view of cryptocurrencies. Each physical or real world asset has a different value or demand similar to an asset in a stock or one of the more recognizable currency trading markets, like Etrade, for example.

The Core Technology:

BrickBlock functions and runs off of the Ethereum blockchain which is a decentralized application in the Ethereum network. It is also where the smart contracts that provide security for your transactions and investments originate. The Ethereum blockchain is derivative from the Bitcoin code, which, interestingly was developed by the same person or anonymous group (Nakumoto) that invented the blockchain itself.

The Ethereum blockchain is a network of blocks that contain Ether, which is a specific source of the code. Ether acts as the fuel or currency relative to the blocks that make up the chain. The blocks of Ether are then formed into the blockchain which allow a more efficient trading and investing process. The Ethereum network is the base concept code and infrastructure from which BrickBlock was invented. It was specifically engineered with the features needed to invent and maintain secure cryptocurrency tradingwebsites and software. The virtual trading wallets of the Ethereum network are what made the original outline for the security and creation of smart contracts.

Smart contracts are a type of technology that eliminates human error by allowing the investor to exchange valued items automatically within a defined contract. This digital contract automatically enforces its own set rules and obligations once you enter into it, therefore, eliminating issues and high costs with the human counterparts of the investment sector.

The excellent thing about investing with smart contract technology is that is dependent upon the specific investment transaction and directly linked to each token individually, therefore securing the micro-holding.

You won’t have that worry about errors with this type of contract as it essentially runs from its own template and set of boundaries. Once you make your transaction and your assets are linked to your tokens, a smart contract is created and will ultimately fulfill itself.

The Tokens of the BrickBlock Platform:

The BrickBlock tokens are designed by the developers of BB from the open source code and work in harmony with the smart contracts. The tokens act as an advanced security system for your investments. For each step in the investment you need to acquire or exchange your token.

BrickBlock uses three different types of tokens: the proof-of-asset token(PoA), the access token(AT), and the BrickBlock token(BBT). Each token has a different purpose and placement in the investment process.

The Proof-of-Asset Token:

The proof-of-asset tokens are literally token that you obtain and they are backed by real-world assets. These assets are divided into three categories including: Real Estate Funds (REFs), Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), and Crypto Funds(CFs). Each asset is then assigned its own PoA token.

The Access Token:

The Access Token is gained automatically at the beginning of your investment deal and is used to handle the 0.5 % fees of the transactions. When you have BrickBlock tokens you are also given access tokens at no cost. Access tokens are commonly referred to as the gas or fuel of the BB platform.

The BrickBlock Token:

The BB Token is based on the Ethereum currency code base synonymous with an ERC20 token. They are used in return for Ether during the initial depositing stage of the investment. Finally, it is profitable to hold on to BBTs with a value set at $0.272 USD

Real-World Token Assets:

Real Estate Funds(REFs):

REFs are basically a culmination of funds that are handled by a manager that finds a certain amount of real estate properties in specific places. These places are listed as high quality and are examined by the appropriate real estate professionals. The risk is greatly reduced with the hand-picked agents that are trained in selecting the funded property locations.

Exchange Traded Funds(ETFs):

ETFs lower the risks and are more cost effective assets to invest your tokens in. They can track commodities and resources like gold, silver, and other valued items. ETFs work by tracing rule-based indexes and the investor can choose which market they want to invest in which reduces the risk.

Crypto Funds(CFs):

Crypto Funds have two separate categories that they are managed into. Currently only active CFs exist which are cryptocurrencies that offer funds to the public like close-end funds.

Latest Developments from BB: Upcoming ICO on October 31

Recently, the newest ICO was postponed until October 31, 2017 due to new additions in the development team that included six full time developers to equal a total of over 25 people total currently working on BrickBlock and the advancement of the tech-investment sector.

The ICO will include a token sale starting at 10:00 am. that will last until November 21 st. This is a great time for new investors to get started and improve their income in a new and sustainable way. There is a whitelist program that you can sign up to via their blog which will allow you to have a better chance of buy-ins on the specific event dates. All participating investors will receive their tokens at the end of the ICO and this is a unique time to be a part of the first real estate project before the public has access to it.