The rewards mechanism and the wallet of Lympo

The user reward mechanism and the virtual wallet of fitness is the foundation of the Lympo environment. The fitness wallet of Lympo enables the user to enter into the Lympo infrastructure. Additionally, it allows the user to make a profile, fill the information related to their health, and then link it to the health and fitness tracking apps of their choice. The individual information sent through the use of the fitness wallet of Lympo can be accessed by users. Moreover, the information can be shared and viewed by recording permission on Blockchain.

The rewards that are given by market players who are interested in having access to the fitness wallet of Lympo to users are of two types. One reward is for attaining the goal of a healthy lifestyle, that is, by following a fitness diet properly or running 5 kilometers in a stipulated time period and then posting those records on the Lympo profile. Another reward is for checking into a specific location for a particular period of time, that is, for participating in a karate competition or joining a class of gym.

The health wallet of Lympo is going to be rolled out in many steps. Firstly, Lympo tokens are going to be used as utility tokens on the current platform of Lympo to purchase offline as well as online training sessions with the best trainers of fitness, which involves consultations with a dietician or a physiotherapist. Furthermore, it includes coaching sessions.

The users of the Lympo platform can use it to receive token rewards for accomplishing the goals of training. As the number of partner increases, the tokens of Lympo can be utilized for buying the services and products of a healthy lifestyle, like nutritious food, clothes, gym, and shoes, with a probability of achieving fitness goals by making use of smart contracts.

The platform of Lympo enables trainers to become more competitive by offering packages that cover services in an in-built reward program. Plus, the players in the ecosystem can attach the products sold and purchased with the reward system and arrange tasks and challenges for the users of Lympo in exchange for their data.

For instance, a new boxing club opens up in the city that has a particular number of tokens. These tokens will only be distributed to those people who attend their first boxing class. All they have to do is to enter the club location in their Lympo account and receive tokens of LYM as a reward.

Another service offered by the platform of Lympo is a time-stamped permit released by users to make use of their personal information. It is the most important key, which will ensure the fulfillment of standards of data protection regulation, like the General Data Protection regulation in Europe.

The next best thing in the ecosystem of Lympo is that it allows users to purchase more goods and services for a healthy lifestyle by making purchases within the platform. If you are interested in getting more information, then visit Lympo’s Telegram account.