The start of a new era in retail-consumer relationship with GAT Coins

Very rarely do we see something hailed as the greatest marketing invention since the introduction of points. That’s what has been said of GAT Coins, a new platform that aims to bring the mundane and traditional vouchers and discounts to the digital era.

GATCOIN derives its inventive solutions from where the present systems stagger. Where most of the current loyalty rewards go to waste due to a variety of reasons not the least of which is its inept implementation, GATCOIN succeeds mainly because of the system that it intends to build.

Their intent of bringing retailers and consumers under a single roof of a unified platform is what most people on both sides crave and thus, it should be given a chance to shine. The idea is to create digital liquid tokens instead of coupons and loyalty points.

GAT Coins, the liquid currency can be traded into one of the many crypto-currencies including among others, Ethereum and Bitcoin. This is done via GAT Exchange, a crypto-currency exchange that allows this trade to take place. The GAT Exchange is one of the platform’s five major components.

Others include GAT Wallet, a mobile-based wallet solution that manages the customers’ retail tokens; GAT Marketplace, wherein the consumers can buy real products in exchange for the retail tokens; GAT Network, which is the blockchain-based high-speed network that allows all of the above to take place efficiently.

A Not-for-profit organization named GAT Foundation will also operate independently out of Singapore. One of its defining features includes A-Drop which is a distribution system that allows merchants to target consumers by geo-location, shopping hobbies, and demographics.

The mobile solution will have push notifications so that the targeted consumers are alerted about the token receipt almost instantaneously. The singular platform will act as a portal for retailers and customers to interact, like none other. The tradable tokens also allow the GAT coins to be liquid and, thus, more convenient.

It is set to begin its journey with SK Planet Japan, a Japanese company which intends to use the new system for its mobile gifting and coupon enterprise, COTOCO. The corporation is slated to bring to the platform a network of more than 60,000 stores and 20+ brands from all across Asia.

The presale of GAT Coins, which has been live since October 28, has sold out a third of the 15,000,000 available Coins. The presale ends on 28th November 2017 and has an applicable bonus of 20%. As for the conversion rate, 1 ETH (Ethereum unit) equal 1,480 GAT.

GATCOINS is offering 200,000,000 ERC20 GAT Coins for 2017. Its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is expected to start from 15 December 2017-15 January 2018 with the funding goal of 67,568 ETH. The Hard Cap is set to 121,184 ETH and the total supply is limited to a fixed, non-inflationary 1,000,000,000.

As soon as the sale concludes, GAT Coins will be tradable at among other chief crypto exchanges. If you’re a retailer or a consumer, the future of the industry is right in front of you!