’s blockchain may prove to be a game changer for trading

A new trading platform called stands to change the trading methods used today and, in its place, use its more sophisticated platform to exchange assets, make transactions, and deal with ICOs and IPOs.

The economic crash of 2008 led to a lot of public hysteria, and rightly so. The banks that were “too big to fail” had fallen to their knees and economies all over the world took a big hit. The investors were in despair; their life savings had just been washed away because the big banks couldn’t hold onto the mess they helped create.

The inefficiencies and low liquidity of the current banking system have led to a lot of disappointments to everyone involved. Therefore, there is an immediate need for an ecosystem that’s high fidelity, has higher liquidity, is efficient and transparent, and most importantly, won’t be bogged down by the bureaucracy that plagues other financial institutions.

Enter blockchain, a distributed ledger technology that’s not only decentralized but also transparent and efficient. is employing the blockchain network that reduces redundancies, is secure, and acts as a conduit for free and fair transactions. consists of a capable team with decades of understanding and expertise in fields such as investment banking, fintech and trading sectors.However, the ecosystem won’t just be limited to trading of crypto assets. It will enable users to use services such as CFDs of several commodities, and Forex.

In order to achieve a true sense of platform, are also introducing their own digital currency named Trade tokens. The crypto-currency allows for spontaneous and hassle-free transactions even as it acts as a catalyst for theexchange of goods and assets. To further read up on the project, head here for the platform’s whitepaper.

One of its key goals is the democratization of markets to disrupt the current financial system. It does so by using a peer-to-peer platform for trading. In a pre-ICO sale, you can buy trade tokens to jump in on the action and become a part of this trading revolution.

The token brings a shared liquidity pool, daily disbursements in crypto-currency and fiat, and the ability to buy IPOs/ ICOs and new assets on their ecosystem’s exchange. The pre-ICO ends tomorrow, 25 November 2017 with about 275,000,000 tokens available to purchase in the pre-ICO and ICO period.

The pre-ICO trading price for the trade tokens comes at 1 ETH equaling 1000 tokens. The company expects the ICO price to come down to 625 tokens for a single unit of Ether. ICO commences on 5 December 2017 and will last 10 days, in which the unsold tokens from the pre-ICO will be available for sale.

The platform has seen a few early birds as well who wish to join the ecosystem soon. FXPRIMUS and Primus Capital are two of those. Currently, the platform only accepts crypto-currency and fiat, but during ICO, participants will have to use Ether. Fiat and BTC purchases can be made with a request.

It might soon be an era of open and secure trading, investments as such ventures with blockchain as its backbone come to light.