Trakinvest as the Social Trading Platform and Trading Future

The TrakInvest model is aiming to democratize cryptocurrencies’ and equities’ trading by empowering the standard retail investors with a superior insight and trading initiatives generated by the AI engine. It is a growing platform, which caters its individual digital currency and utilizes the Blockchain technology.

As a virtual worldwide social trading platform, the TrakInvest firm has been very much involved in the landscape of the financial platforms across Asia from the time of 2014. This giant company has its headquarters in Singapore and conducts its operations in Hong Kong, Thailand, and Indian regions.

At its very core, the TrakInvest Company is all about crowdsourcing financial knowledge and providing incentives to its partakers in a decentralized financial system based on insights and performance. The firm is backed up by a skilled management team. It provides social trading certifications and programs to over more than its 100,000 user community.

At the outset, TrakInvest was developed on the vision of Bobby Bhatia at some stage in his personal equity days. This is when he witnessed the continuation of information asymmetry motivated by the verity of the fact that institutional investors had the most superior analytical tools and information at their disposition in comparison with the standard retail investor.

The TrakInvest company was hence built up for empowering the standard retail investor with the “crowd sourced” sentiment tools for creating a field of equal and fair playing, thus doing away with the information asymmetry, which has been plaguing them for a several years.

This platform, which at this time provides a virtual equity trading provision, will also set up a platform of virtual trading for cryptocurrencies as well as the subsequent generation AI sentiment tools that can make social listening possible for generating a profitable equity trading set of ideas and signals. Such proprietary tools are to be expanded by means of the social trading behavior and data composed for the past 3 years.

The TrakInvest firm is also planning to start on 250 ‘centres of excellence’ and ‘TrakInvest labs’ athwart the universities in Thailand, Singapore, and India over the subsequent 18 months. This would not just prop up investing as a skill in life but train, expose, and re-skill the technical talent on cryptocurrencies and Blockchain as well as a means for giving back to the cryptocurrency community on the rise.

In the midst of the TRAK Token, the TrakInvest company will bring in a reward-based economy, wherein the producers for sentiments, insights, and trading data will be rewarded on the global platform in a continuous and transparent approach.

According to Mr. Bobby Bhatia, who is the CEO and Founder of the TrakInvest company, the whole conception of social trading and cryptocurrency has now come together in a very satisfactory manner. This is because  now the company can actually set up a model based on incentives and monetization, which can cater to not only the TrakInvest company, but also its users. If you want to know more about TrackInvest and its environment, then read its whitepaper.