What is savedroid and its ICO plan?

Savedroid is a platform that brings forward a uniquely crafted ecosystem that is fueled by Artificial Intelligence (AI) for crypto investing as well as saving. This platform facilitates users to earn profits by getting hassle-free and simple access to various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, Stellar, IOTA, etc.

Additionally, the savedroid platform enables enhanced crypto investment options and savings plans, like ICOs, portfolios, and futures. This, in turn, allows users to not learn the AI technology and thus creates a better user experience, which is reliant on maximum emotional simplification and gamification.

The aim of the savedroid platform is to put an end to the current complex and painful procedures through the production of a smart User Experience (UX). This can conveniently as well as automatically convert the savings of people into cryptocurrencies and can securely store them.

Moreover, the platform makes it easy to spend, trade, as well as access cryptocurrencies. The company makes use of its precious assets, which comprise avant-garde and advanced AI technology as well as superb UX.

Savedroid functions in a different manner as compared to other Fintech firms. The main aim of this firm is to target people who don’t want to spend time on financial research. Savedroid targets the numerous mobile users with a great market potential instead of the elite cluster of experts.

The platform brings forward a lifestyle-centric and simple method of saving in order to fulfill the general desires of the masses, such as buying their next vacation, a new laptop, etc.

This platform based on the AI technology automates the daily activities of users and turn them into savings. For example, when users run, the platform saves €5.00 for them, when users press the snooze button, it saves €0.50 for them, when users buy via Amazon, savedroid saves 5%, and so on.

Moreover, savedroid provides a free savings account to its users in partnership with Wirecard. With each triggered smoove, savedroid transfers a small amount of money to the savings account of the user, thus augmenting the saved amount every day. For more information about the savings that you can make through savedroid, read the company’s whitepaper. 

The success of savedroid

Owing to its first-class features as well as services, savedroid has already begun millions of savings transactions. Plus, it has also put millions of euros with it in order to attain the individual wishes of its users and thus enhancing their lifestyle.

The team of savedroid should be thanked for the successful opening of savedroid (Initial Coin offering) ICO sale. SVD, which is the savedroid token, is said to be featured on HitBTC, which is a popular crypto exchange. Additionally, the team of savedroid is working towards bringing the platform to other popular crypto exchanges as well.

The great success of the savedroid ICO shows that there is a need to simplify the access to cryptocurrencies, similar to savedroid. In order to join savedroid and become one of the members of its telegram community, which comprises of more than 35,000 members, you need to register and login to the official website of savedroid.