Xmoneta and its XMN tokens

Unlike other Blockchain-based platforms, Xmoneta has a target to create a charitable foundation. Initially, they are aiming to create a functional product, along with a self-sustaining environment. In order to develop a charitable foundation, this platform needs to establish investment fund, messenger bank, and exchange platform for trading. Once the internal economy and the financial framework are fully developed, this platform will work on creating the charitable foundation.

The multilateral platform of Xmoneta is going to advance customarily as it will create an option for people to buy goods and services. Through Xmoneta, all your money can be kept safely in a cold storage offline that is going to prevent your currencies from the attack of hackers. Online security is necessary for active trading. This platform provides the opportunity for secure and safe commerce.

The platform of Xmoneta has special features that are used to monitor activities of exchange. If the system traces any suspicious and unusual activity, then it can block such activity right away. As these banks are decentralized, they do not have any control over your funds. In this case, only you are the owner and controller of your money. The bank of Xmoneta is a great combination of the modern systems of banking and the Blockchain technology.

XMN token is a decentralized virtual currency that is used by the community members for performing the transactions. The tokens issued are associated with VISA and MasterCard, using which users can make payment through the plastic as well as electronic cards. The currency of Xmoneta can only be utilized within the environment of Xmoneta.

The maximum number of Xmoneta tokens available in the world is one billion. Because of this restriction, customers get benefits, like bonuses, from the partners of this platform, free plans, wonderful technical support, and huge discounts.

The main aim of Xmoneta is to encourage its contributors to perform transactions on its environment. If that happens, the platform will be able to perform more smoothly and efficiently. There is various number of things through which the users can get more XMN. They can create stickers, chat, and watch advertisements. It means that one can earn more tokens by performing these daily activities.

As per the standards of Ethereum, XMN can be traded, which means that you can change XMN into Rubles, Euros, Dollars, and other fiat currencies. As the community will expand, the price of the tokens will also increase. People, who will remain faithful to the system of Xmoneta by keeping their tokens, will get a special kind of bonus.

The main policy of this Blockchain-based messenger platform is to maintain its ecosystem operational with its tokens of XMN. The bonus that the token holders are going to receive is like a loyalty coupon that becomes operational through the use of the smart contract. If a token holder does not withdraw his or her tokens for a period of more than 1 year, then such a person will receive a bonus of 10% from the total amount of tokens kept by him or her.